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Unusual Exterior Paint Color Combos That Actually Look Really Great

When I was growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana, my family took a lot of trips to Mississippi to see my grandparents, and on the way back, I remember, there was this one lavender house, right by the interstate, that always caught my eye. This one pale, pale purple home, in a sea of beiges, seemed almost magical. If you share my feeling that houses ought to be allowed to be any color they want to be (and your HOA does as well), then perhaps you’ll be inspired by these eleven boldly painted homes, whose exteriors (even before you get to the inside) proclaim them to be anything but boring. (далее…)

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Three Small Things to Throw in Your Bag to Make Your Day a Little Easier — Maxwell’s Fantastic Find

I know I like to feature products or services that can sometimes seem to serve a very niche purpose (measuring pen, anyone?) but today I wanted to do something a little different. For this week’s Fantastic Find I rounded up a few items that are small enough to throw in your bag, cool enough that you’ll be bragging to your friends about how useful they are, and stylish enough that you won’t mind upgrading your other staples. Let’s open up our bag now, shall we? (далее…)

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New York Now Has a Museum Dedicated to Chocolate

Most museums have a strict no eating or drinking policy, however a most wonderful exception has arrived in the form of New York City’s first chocolate museum, a 5,000-square foot space which combines art, history and the popular confection under one roof. (далее…)

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This Weekend: A Brand New Bedroom For Zero Dollars

Many good things in life take time and money, but every now and then you can cut some corners and take a few minutes to improve a room in your home without a significant investment. This weekend, make your bedroom a better place with these easy (and completely free!) changes. (далее…)

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В Нью-Йорке построят здание, не отбрасывающее тень

Участки вокруг парка Хай-Лайн в Нью-Йорке застроены настолько, что на территорию парка почти не попадает солнечный свет. Для решения этой проблемы проект офисного здания адаптировали под движение солнца. Строение практически не будет отбрасывать тень. Геометрия проекта формируется из анализа солнечных лучей.

Необходимый эффект создается за счет обрезанных углов, которые отбрасывают на парк минимум тени.

Этот принцип называется solar carving («вырезанное солнце») и используется для проектирования зданий, минимально закрывающих соседние территории от солнечного света.
Фасад, спректированный из граненых стеклянных панелей, создает «призрачную» оболочку сооружения, которое не только не отбрасывает тень, но и пропускает через себя свет, необходимый популярному парку.


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IKEA’s New Collection Is Here To Convince You To Finally Buy a Smart Lightbulb

The home of the future just got a lot more accessible. This week, IKEA debuted their new smart lighting collection. If you’ve been curious about smart home tech, but haven’t yet dipped your toe in, the Swedish retailer just made it as easy as—you guessed it—screwing in a lightbulb. (далее…)

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Вопросы дизайнеру

В комментариях к этому посту можно задавать любые вопросы по дизайну и декору.

Все, что вы хотели узнать, но не решились делать отдельный пост.

Чем подробнее вопрос — тем точнее будет ответ, поэтому если есть схемы или иллюстрации, выкладывайте.

На вопросы ответит дизайнер Юлия Гуревич.

В воскресенье вечером я подведу черту. На все вопросы, заданные позже 23 часов 2 апреля, ответы не гарантирую.

Обращаю внимание, что Юлия — дизайнер интерьеров и декоратор. Вопросы по архитектуре и строительству близкие, но не ее профиль.


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Main Street Oriental Rugs is having a sale!


Happy Friday folks! I am always on the hunt for great bargains and I am a sucker for rugs. I use them in every room in my house (I just did a quick mental check and I really do have at least 1 in every room) as it is my favourite way to add warmth, texture and colour to a space. I am here to share the news that Main Street Oriental Rugs is currently offering closeout prices on their handmade, 100% natural wool Tibetan & Nepalese area rugs. WOOT!!! They also have some new arrivals of hand-knotted, 100% natural wool vintage Persian Heriz rugs. I highly advise you go check them out and score yourself a sweet deal on a new rug. Here are some samples of the Tibetan and Nepalese rugs on super sale right now (I absolutely adore the first one)…


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Before & After: A Ranch House Kitchen Gets The Blues (In the Best Way Possible) — Professional Project

Project by: Ariela Najman of Stripe Design Services
Location: Santa Cruz, California

Interior designer, Ariela Najman, was tasked with adding some light and breezy style to her client’s California ranch house. Along with other smart upgrades, she added a calming and eye-catching blue in the kitchen giving it a timeless look with a twist. (далее…)