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The Coffee Cart is the New Bar Cart: DIY Coffee Carts and Stations

We always say that your home should reflect your interests and hobbies—so if you happen to be a caffeine-loving espresso guzzler, it only makes sense to devote some space to your favorite pastime. Each one of these DIY refueling stations is guaranteed to perk up your home’s style and save you from that afternoon slump. (далее…)

Another Victorian beauty in the U.K.

I think I have a new item for my bucket list — move to the U.K. and live in one of these absolutely glorious Victorian homes I continue to die over. This one I especially love because would you look at the kitchen!!! It’s soooo pretty — and I am smitten with the brass details including the backsplash (I want to do this badly) and chandelier. I really REALLY love this. Located in Stamford, Lincolnshire and is available as a location home through Shoot Factory


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Красочные аксессуары для дома от Constance Guisset

Парижский дизайнер Констанс Гиссе (Constance Guisset) создала яркую коллекцию бытовых предметов для французской розничной сети Monoprix. В коллекцию вошли предметы от посуды до постельного белья, включая мебель, канцелярские принадлежности и мн др. Дизайнер использовала круглые формы и акварельные цвета. (далее…)