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This Weekend: Give The Outside of Your Fridge a Facelift — Weekend Project

It’s not just the inside of the fridge that serves a function in our kitchens. For many of us, the fridge is a central spot for displaying kids’ art, the soccer calendar, friends’ engagement photos, and the magnets we collect. This weekend, let’s neaten up the outside of the fridge so we can enjoy afresh what we choose to showcase. (далее…)

An Artist’s Chic Compact West Village Apartment — House Tour

Name: Carly Berlin
Location: West Village, NYC
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, renting

Part home, part professional art studio, Carly’s long and narrow West Village apartment is outfitted minimally but filled with warmth and personality. Carly has a gift for seeing the beauty in the smallest of details, and her ability to set up her home from that perspective means she’s made a million small but successful decisions. The result in one overall stylish and welcoming apartment. (далее…)

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Distilled luxury in white

Happy almost 150th birthday Canada! Preparations are well underway here in Ottawa for the biggest party of maybe the century and I will be one of the few federal government employees venturing to work today (we’ve been told to work from home given all of the road closures and general chaos). And on that note, I figured today was the perfect day to feature the work of a fellow Canadian. Peter Wilds‘ spaces have been showcased here before several times (like here, here, here, here and here) but we haven’t shared this beauty yet. He calls it «Distilled Luxury». Elegance and simplicity in white. Simply gorgeous.  


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100% Inspirational Laundry Room Makeovers You Don’t Want To Miss

Your laundry room is a very functional space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring one. These homeowners, not content with their existing builder-grade laundry rooms, set out to transform these humble spaces into something a little more useful, and much more beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to have a laundry room all your own, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in these four transformations. (далее…)

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Do You Know Difference Between a Hard Loft and a Soft Loft?

Like most budding writers, my childhood dream involved moving to New York City and living in an airy and oh-so fabulous loft apartment. Little did I know at the time, I’d been coveting a hard loft while looking at soft lofts and had no idea there was even a distinction. In fact, if we’re really being honest, I didn’t learn the difference between a hard loft and a soft loft until I started house hunting as an adult. (далее…)

До чего техника дошла…

Пока экраны становятся еще более плоскими, владельцы старой техники развлекаются:

Одно из самых популярных творений — телевизор для кошки:

Старый монитор в роли аквариума:

Самым популярным приходится признать мини-бар:

Ретро-приемники в роли фоторамок для ретро-фотографий:

Миниатюрные домики:

Если вы пропустили пост Игрушечный домик: Гостиная 70-х. СССР, обязательно посмотрите.

Миниатюры и инсталяции:

Место для собаки:

Книжная полка:

И стеллаж или комод:

Всех с пятницей! Хороших выходных!

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