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A Vintage Lover’s Designed-on-a-Dime Oakland Apartment — House Tour

Name: Natasha Harden
Location: Bella Vista — Oakland, California
Size: 725 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 4 Years

Natasha — a Virgo — credits her Zodiac sign for her heightened sense of detail. «I can spend hours thrifting, and trust me, I always find something cute,» she proudly says. «I usually just walk around in a thrift store and I let patterns and textures speak to me.» Up until last year, Natasha ran a small vintage clothing boutique store in Oakland, which she curated all on her own, scouring thrift stores up and down California. But unlike her shop — which consisted of finds from all over — her home is made up almost entirely of things she’s found on her block and in the streets of her neighborhood, either while walking her dog or going for long evening strolls. That mirrored coffee table in the living room? A street find. The framed unicorn print in her bedroom? Also a street find. And the handful of plants she’s miraculously brought back to life? More than likely, she picked them up from the curb. (далее…)

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Before & After: A Pepto-Pink Guest Room Looks So Good Now

Christine’s pepto-pink guest room had a lot of potential but needed a ton of work. Wanting to create a space for out-of-towners that is as interesting as it is welcoming, she set off restoring as many original historic features of the room as she could, while making updates to the space to ensure comfort. (далее…)

How To Create a Timeless Classic Chic Bathroom

Whether you rent or own, just want a quick makeover or are in need of a full remodel, you’re closer to a classic, sophisticated bathroom than you might think. Don’t believe me? Consider the beautiful bathroom in Diana Marsh’s Michigan home. At first glance it looks like a super high-end dream bathroom, which it certainly is. But look a little closer and take stock of the actual design details in this small space. You’ll discover the simple formula for how Diana was able to transform this bathroom’s taupe-colored before into a classic, timeless after. (далее…)

Monday’s pets on furniture

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net, or hashtag your photos on Instagram with #DTIpetsonfurniture. Thanks! (Note: There were so many great entries on IG since my last pet post I have to save some for next Monday)


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​Plant Lady 101: How To Help Your Plants Stay Happy When You’re Away From Home

You’re going on a two-week trip. You’ve made your lists, you’re running last-minute errands, and you’ve made arrangements for pets and mail. It’s easy to forget about your green household companions, your plants. But if if you do, you’ll come home to find them unhappy or worse. Here are some ways to care for the verdant members of your household when you’re out of town. (далее…)