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This Remodeling Hack Adds Major Warmth To Your Walls, and It’s Everywhere Right Now

Though you might associate it with ’80s decor, channel tufting has become one of the strongest remodeling trends of the year. (It’s also one of those looks that you recognize — again, likely from the ’80s —but didn’t quite know the name of the technique.) While I’m also seeing this used a lot in furnishings right now, the most noticeable application is on the wall. (далее…)

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How Much Space $1500 a Month Gets You Around the World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life in a totally different city? I mean, aside from fantasizing about the traveling part—have you ever thought about the practical things, like how much it would cost if you were to move to Paris, or San Francisco, or Tokyo? (далее…)

The $700(ish) Sofa That’s So Nice I Bought It Twice — Cheap Thrills

I love a good bargain. Better yet if it doesn’t look like one. So when I was ready to buy my first real grown up sofa, I had Anthropologie tastes but an IKEA budget. I lived with the Klippan before, which definitely served its purpose and was great for the cost (about $250). But this time around, I wanted something with more tufting, texture and a little bit of a fancier silhouette. Mind you, I still live in a NYC apartment, so the proportions couldn’t be too big. And naturally, I didn’t want to spend four figures on a couch…but I was totally okay with someone thinking I did. (далее…)

We May Be Renting in Space Sooner than Expected

The majestic moon. Keeper of tides. Eclipser of suns. Your future neighborhood? Two stories in the news this week cover developments that hint that we may be living on and vacationing around the moon in the near-ish future. And don’t worry, we’ve already started researching any and all IKEA space hacks. (далее…)

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The Beautiful Upgrades Your IKEA MALM Bed Deserves

There seems to be a clear divide between those pro-headboard and those pro-blank space, to which I say, you do you. Whether you’re a fan of something more alternative, something more boho, or something that really makes a statement, your bedroom needs a focal point. And that focal point is often more times than not, a headboard. So let’s start with the basics – the IKEA MALM. It’s affordable, simple, and unassuming. It’s also very hackable. See what I mean… (далее…)

Design Master Class: 6 Pro Tricks to Know When Arranging Your Room

One-click online shopping and free shipping has made the whole furniture buying process seem super easy and accessible. But what happens when you start unboxing pieces and realize you have absolutely no idea where to put them—or worse, whether they’ll even work with the rest of what’s in your room? Arranging furniture is really an art form, but the good news is there are several guidelines you can follow to help you figure out the process. Let these six expert tips be your starting point in setting up your ideal space, whether you’re working with hand-me-downs or starting from scratch. (далее…)