Архив за месяц: Октябрь 2017

Putting the «Trick» Back in Trick or Treat: The Origin of Everyone’s Favorite Halloween Phrase

Ask any kid what the best part of Halloween is, and they’ll most definitely say it’s trick-or-treating. Even though you might still don a clever costume each year, you probably grew out of the whole going around and collecting candy from strangers thing by the time you became a teenager, right? You may be old enough to buy your own treats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put the «trick» back into the equation. (далее…)

On the Campaign Trail: This Throwback Seating Style Has Our Attention — Currently Obsessed

Campaign-style furniture has been popping up a lot lately on my Pinterest feed. It probably has something to do with the IKEA Rast campaign chest hack that will never die. But these days, the trend seems to have evolved and is now less about drawers, nightstands and desks and more about chairs. (далее…)

Some (Seriously Spooky) House Hunters Episodes, As Written By The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg

I don’t know how to write for television. I mean, I have a general sense of how to format a script, if I’m being generous with myself, and I can imagine sitting around a table with a group of people saying something like «Does it make sense for the Commodore to be in that scene, or does it mess with the timestream?» (or whatever), but I don’t really know how to become the sort of person who writes for television, professionally, other than continuing to write for not-television and periodically vibrating very anxiously in the direction of my own TV. This is mostly fine, I think. (далее…)

Homes Are Selling Faster Than Ever — And That Might Not Be Good News

Here today, gone in a matter of days: if you’ve been thinking of making an offer on a home for sale near you, don’t delay. According a new report, US homes are sitting on the market for the shortest amount of time in nearly 30 years — a mere three weeks. Good news if you’ve been thinking of selling your home, for sure, but bad news because experts say that it may be a sign of something worse to come. (далее…)