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Are You a Bullet Journaler in NYC? We Want You! — Apartment Therapy Video

Are you a bullet journaler in NYC? (And no, that doesn’t mean you have to be Pinterest-perfect!)

We are creating a new video series and looking for a wide range of real-life bullet journalers with tips for how they use this method of life-tracking on the regular. Does that sound like you? Send us your info below! (далее…)

New in — painted silk panel and books

There’s nothing like coming home from work and finding goodies in the mailbox. Just before I left on vacation I received a few things that I didn’t get a chance to photograph until last weekend. First up is a very special piece of art by Juliet Vonturi, a textile designer based in the Bay Area, California. My heart broke when Juliet mentioned she had to flee the area due to the forest fires 🙁 Despite that setback she managed to send me a gorgeous panel of blue silk that she hand-painted — something she recently started offering. 


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Design Lovers Mix Their Style & Stuff in Brooklyn — House Call

Name: Zachary Ioannucci
Location: Greenpoint — Brooklyn, NY
Size: 1000 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

I live with my boyfriend Travis. We’re both into interior design and I’m sure we both wish we could start over again and do that. The furniture is a mix of his and mine. Nothing was really planned. We just went forward with what we already had/found and built around that. Also, fun fact — we had seen twenty six apartments before seeing this one. (далее…)

The House Hunting Trick That Might Just Turn Everything Around (Literally)

If you’re seeing house after house without feeling something click, then here’s a little tidbit. You have so much weighing going on in your mind that you may fail to remember this super simple truth that could really make a difference. You have your list of must-haves and you have your really-wants but don’t let this one thing stop you from pouncing on a home that might just be perfect for you. (далее…)

This Huge Mattress Is Literally Twelve Feet Wide — And You Can Buy It

Are you part of a co-sleeping family, but things are getting a little too snug? There’s a mattress for that. Are you and your partner both over 6’5» and sleep in starfish position? Yep, there’s a mattress for that. Are you single and just want an endless expanse of bed all to yourself? There’s also a mattress for that. (далее…)

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A Berlin Apartment Inspired by Queer History — House Tour

Name: Dean Sameshima
Location: Berlin, Germany
Size: 1,044 square feet
Years lived in: 10 years, renting

When Dean Sameshima came to Berlin in 2007 to put on an art show with Peres Project, he didn’t expect to stay put for so long. What started out as a one-month stay quickly became three months, and luckily, he found this gem of an apartment at the end of his trip. «I fell in love with the space immediately and feel grateful for it every single day,» Dean says of his apartment, which is located in a hip part of Kreuzberg full of good restaurants, large flea markets, and beautiful parks. But best of all, his apartment gets of a ton of light and provides him with plenty of space for his queer art collection, silk screening supplies, and his sizable menagerie of plants (though he could always use more). (далее…)

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