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7 IKEA Products Your Pets Will Love as Much as You Do

Let’s face it: For as much as our pets love their play toys and furniture, they usually aren’t very fun to look at. Fortunately, IKEA decided it was time to upgrade some of our four-legged family members favorite furnishings by releasing some unbelievably stylish—and affordable—pet-friendly decor. (далее…)

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The Gimmicky Holiday Gift That’s Actually Made My Life 10% Better

I am a naturally tired person. Therefore I love coffee in the mornings, tea (and sometimes coffee) in the afternoon, and coffee with Bailey’s in the evening. One thing I do not love about drinking warm liquids is that sometimes they are mean and tricky fiends. They hurt you if you’re too eager! They turn cold if you take your time! How rude! (далее…)

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The Best Harry Potter Gifts To Give The Wizard In Your Life

If you haven’t noticed, Harry Potter fandom is showing no signs of stopping—especially when it comes to selling majestic merch. From Pottery Barn’s and Williams-Sonoma’s collections to new one-off items like a Hogwarts-themed photo and video printer (yes, that exists!), there are plenty of new options to gift for the holidays. (далее…)

A Designer Finally Gets to Design Her Own Home — House Tour

Name: Jamie Ekeberg and Sarah Goesling
Location: Park Ridge, Illinois
Size: 1,950 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, owned

As an interior designer, Sarah has worked with companies like Kohler, Airoom, and currently Perspective Consulting Group. She has designed hundreds of different types of rooms in hundreds of different styles of homes… but always through someone else’s vision. No matter how much freedom her clients gave, she was still designing for their family, their life. When she and her wife, Jamie, chose to buy a home together, they were finally able to turn that beautiful creative energy on their own space. (далее…)

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The Best Ice Skating Rink in Every Major City

Just picture it: You’re graciously gliding across the ice, hot cocoa in hand and wowing the crowd with your figuring skating spins. Okay, maybe it’s more like chopping across the ice while gripping the rink’s ledge. And, perhaps it was a fall—not exactly a flying sit spin—that’s being judged… (далее…)

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