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Dream a Little Dream: A Film for Your New Year

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

On this pivotal day of our year I thought it would be nice to step back and air something again that is close to my heart and which represents my highest aspirations for the company: helping people to live better on any budget and at any age. While we center on the youthful part of life, the lessons are evergreen. (далее…)

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A Charming Old Portland House Is Now a Natural History-Infused Tattoo Parlor — House Tour

Name: Alice Kendall
Location: Wonderland Tattoo, SE Portland, Oregon
Size: 1,300 square feet
Years lived in: 5 months, renting

Alice Kendall is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in Portland. She opened her shop Wonderland in 2013, and quickly established her ranking as a top artist in one of the nation’s most inked cities. Praise from the New York Times boosted her already successful career to the next level; clients travel from around the world for a few hours of her highly coveted time. Five years and thousands of tattoos later, Alice has amassed a team of artists and has opened a brand new Wonderland… in a vintage house next door to her first shop in Southeast Portland. She tapped artist Trish Grantham to completely rework the interior of the home, with the goal of creating a space that is luxe and feminine, and very intentionally «not the typical dude tattoo shop.» The new Wonderland has an upstairs nautical-themed apartment for the rotating artist-in-residence, Grantham’s signature hand-painted wallpaper is featured throughout the home, and Kendall’s original paintings adorn the walls. (далее…)

7 Beautiful Wintry Color Palettes We Can’t Get Enough Of

I love color and really think any shades can work year-round in your home if you’re a big enough fan of them. And sure, colors are seasonal—white feels like summer, pastels read as springy, and darker shades are always going to be more autumnal or appropriate for winter. But the magic is really in the mix. Most shades can go either way, depending on what you pair them with. So if you’re looking for a little palette inspo for a 2019 makeover or renovation, take a peek at these rooms. They’ve all channeled winter vibes but aren’t sparse, cold, or off putting in the slightest bit. Here’s why they work so well, for winter and beyond. (далее…)

A Home Decorated to Feel Like the Weekend Every Day — House Tour

Name: Liz Martin
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Size: 1,800 square feet
Years lived in: 6 months, owned

8 of the Best Maximalist Home Buys You Can Find on Amazon

2019 is officially upon us and it’s bringing a whole new slew of home decor trends with it. According to our friends at Etsy, the ultra-minimalist look is on its way out and maximalist decor items—a.k.a. clashing patterns, bright colors, and bold prints—will be taking over our homes instead. So to kickstart your design endeavors for the new year, we rounded up some maximalist-inspired home goods you can order on Amazon. From floral printed contact paper to a tiger striped footstool, here are eight products on Amazon that any maximalist will love. (далее…)

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