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These Are The First Major Sales Of 2019

The holidays are basically a haze of early Black Friday deals bleeding into extended Black Friday deals bleeding all the way into New Year’s Day. Which means things have been fairly quiet on the sales front ever since the calendar transitioned into 2019. But that’s all about to change, though, as retailers need to offload winter inventory ahead of spring shipments. And while most stores have steered away from advertising «MLK Jr Day sales» (in deference to the event), the tradition of offering sales on federal holidays persists. Check out some of what we’ve scoped out below: (далее…)

The $5-and-Under Space Savers Tiny Home Dwellers Swear By

Living in a tiny home not only means having fewer things in a smaller space—it also means buying intentionally and purchasing items that help reduce clutter and make the most of your precious real estate. But intentional, double-duty items don’t automatically equal expensive—some tiny dwellers swear by space-savers they bought for just under $5. Here’s five cheap buys they recommend: (далее…)

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10 Colorful Living Room Ideas to Steal From IKEA

Feel like your living room could use an injection of color, but not sure how to start the process? We feel the same, so we spent some time digging through IKEA’s picture gallery for a ton of colorful inspiration. From seating vignettes to open-air concepts, you’re sure to be inspired by our favorite images below. (далее…)

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The Best Real Estate Advice for Couples, According to Divorce Attorneys

First comes love. Then comes marriage… or a civil union or cohabitation. From there, we’re cheering for something along the lines of «and they lived happily ever after.» But because life is full of plot twists—and because divorce rates are around 40 to 50 percent in the United States—it can be important to take some precautions when you’re buying a house with a partner. (далее…)

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This Once Widespread Kitchen Feature is Rapidly Losing Popularity

When my husband and I moved into our home, we ripped up three layers of laminate flooring in search of the beautiful hardwood that filled the rest of the house. We got lucky—there it was, under layers and layers of white, faux brick, and green vinyl. Despite a few nail and staple holes, the floor was salvageable; we were thrilled and wondered why anyone would have ever covered such pretty, natural materials. (далее…)

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Before and After: This RV’s Cozy Bedroom Packs Some Enviable Secret Storage

The bedroom in this 2005 RV had a lot of beige and a bit of ’80s flair—the intensely gathered valences!—but also boasted handy outlets, wiring for lighting, and tons of glorious daylight streaming in. So one talented DIYer created a bedroom worthy of the gorgeous Oregon views through the windows. (далее…)

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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

There’s some wacky but true stat that says we spend about one-third of our lives in bed. The bulk of that time is spent sleeping, but there may be a little bit of active awake time in there, streaming Netflix or otherwise hanging out. And no matter the activity, your surroundings are important. With that in mind, make 2019 the year that you actually get your act together—at least in terms of bedroom design. Stop making these bedroom design mistakes, and you’ll be that much happier about your sleep space. (далее…)

Your Obsession With “Tidying Up” Might Just Be Overwhelming Your Local Thrift Store

Unless you’ve been living under a pile of your dirty clothes, chances are, you’ve heard of «Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.» It is probably even more likely that you’ve already binge-watched the entire series on Netflix since it released on January 1st. Don’t worry, no shame here so did I. (далее…)