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This Company Converts Minivans Into Two-Person Campers Starting at $8,500

With more and more people committed to adopting a nomadic lifestyle, the case for making permanent living spaces out of campers continues to grow stronger. Recently, we’ve seen a family of four living in a Mercedes sprinter van and even received an up close and personal look at this newlywed couple who transformed a retro van into a cozy tiny home to travel cross country. (далее…)

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Study Says People Aren’t Using Real Estate Agents, for Bad Reasons

From skipping title insurance to letting the seller stay in the home after closing, there’s a lot of bad real estate advice out there. But one of the most ill-advised tips? You don’t need a real estate agent. The benefits of using an agent are well-documented, but it seems like an alarming amount of people haven’t gotten the memo. According to a new report from the home-improvement networking website Porch, a sizable portion of people across age groups are choosing not to work with a real estate agent while buying a home. (далее…)

The Best Rom-Com Heroine Apartments, Ranked

It’s one thing to go down the line of your classic romantic comedies and pick your favorite couples, but what about the great debate over who had the best digs? Here to settle the score is the definitive ranking of romantic comedy heroine’s apartments. From Bridget Jones to Vivian Ward, here’s who decorated it best. (далее…)

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Dating Spaces: Houseguest Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome to Dating Spaces, our new series where we look at the world of dating and relationships—through the lens of home. From that first «Want to come back to my place?» to the (hopefully final) «Want to move in together?» home is an inevitable part of courtship. And we’re going there. Have a story to tell? Give us a sneak peek in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming video! (далее…)

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This Architect Customized a Brooklyn Studio for Her 1960s Van — House Tour

Name: Jean Chandler
Location: Bushwick — Brooklyn, NYC
Size: 750 square feet
Years Lived In: 3 years, renting

Interior architect Jean Chandler has been designing workplaces for 14 years, and making things out of wood and metal since she was a kid. And three years ago, she was able to be her own client, customizing this studio space in Brooklyn to exactly how she wants to live. It’s a life which includes an unusual flatmate: a 1967 Ford Falcon Club Wagon. (далее…)

This Was the Biggest Trend the Decade You Were Born

For every home trend that people are obsessed with today (patterned cement tile, industrial lighting, brass fixtures), there are hundreds that we’ve long forgotten about. But like fashion, design is cyclical, and many of the choices that people loved back in the day are bound to make a comeback. Check out some of the iconic moments of the past 90 years or so, and see if your birth decade’s «in» is on the upswing again. (далее…)

11 Cozy Breakfast Nooks That Just Might Make You a Morning Person

You don’t have to be a morning person to appreciate a good breakfast nook. Small, snug, and full of design potential, a well-styled breakfast nook can turn a kitchen corner into a sleek setup. To prove our point, we scoured our home tours high and low and rounded up a dozen of the best-looking breakfast nooks we could find. Here are twelve beautifully designed breakfast nooks you can enjoy with your morning cup of joe. (далее…)

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