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The Anatomy of an Instagrammable Living Room

I don’t know about you, but I’ve basically all but given up on Pinterest searches for decorating inspiration. Because Instagram makes it so easy to browse other people’s feeds, search hashtags for inspiration and capture images for future reference in what basically looks like Pinterest board anyway. When you’re on the ‘gram regularly—a fair amount for work and for fun too over here—you start noticing certain items popping up time and time again. And that’s kind of how trends are born these days, at least in the social media world. So we thought it’d be fun to scroll through Instagram to figure out what makes for a double-tappable design scheme in each room of the house. Let’s start with the living room, since it’s a place that gets a lot of attention, from both you and your houseguests. (далее…)

You Still Have Time Cancel Your Plans and Snuggle Up with the Coziest Blankets on Etsy

It’s not getting warm anytime soon for most of the country, and while that forecast can feel a tad bleak, it also means that we’re not saying farewell to blanket season quite yet. From oversized thick knits to lightweight throws, blankets come in all shapes and sizes—and they can all be found on Etsy, the online marketplace for one-of-a-kind goods. When browsing throw blanket options, there are ones that make us happy, and then there are the ones that make us want to stay in pretty much forever, until we finally become one with the blanket layers. If that’s the coziness level you’re looking for, read on: We’ve found the comfiest, warmest blankets on Etsy that will make the remaining weeks of winter way more bearable. (далее…)

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Кровать для дочки

Проект выбрали простой — каркас, дно из ДВП, обить досками, потом закрепить два держателя для изголовья (под углом, чтобы облокачиваться можно было) и сделать изголовье.

В итоге дочь сказала, что изголовье не нужно и детали остались. Я ей предлагаю сделать "мягкую стенку" — фанера, пенополиуретан, мебельная ткань, стежка. Тоже против, говорит, что так прикольно.

Еще открытым остался вопрос, обрабатывать ли чем-то доски или так оставить. Доска лиственница.


Думаю сделать что-то такое у стены:

Процесс описала на Дзен

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How Queens-Based Water & Light Delivers the Best Plants to Your Door—No Matter the Size

When it comes to the care of plants, we’ve got you covered. But there’s one thing you can’t tell just from a quick Google search: how long your plant has been sitting around in the store. Ideally, of course, store staff have been taking good care of them, but there are lots of unknowns at the time of purchase. It might seem small, but it could make a huge difference in your plant’s longevity. (далее…)

This Is How You Get a Perfect 850 Credit Score

In the world of credit, establishing a credit score of 850 is like being granted a lifetime achievement award. Both FICO and Vanguard—widely used credit-scoring models—consider 850 to be the highest possible credit score. The score is perfect. Exceptional. Untarnished. But… is it possible? (далее…)

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This Is Why You Have Trouble Sleeping in the Winter

Winter, the season of cozy hygge, seems like it would be the best time of year to catch up on all those ZZZs we miss out on during the more active months. But it turns out that—whether or not you’re one of the 10 million Americans who suffer from seasonal affective disorder each year—the long and dark days actually wreak havoc on our sleep schedules, both in the quality of our sleep and the number of hours of rest we’re getting each night. (далее…)