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Student Loans 101: Here’s What Every Responsible Borrower Needs to Know

Even if youve socked away cash from your birthday cards since you were in middle school, saved up money from part-time jobs, applied for all types of scholarships (yes, even the obscure ones sponsored by the potato council or Duck Tape), you may still need student loans to help cover the cost of skyrocketing tuition. (далее…)

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Class of 2020: How Lora Appleton Is Reimagining the World of Children’s Design

Who: Lora Appleton, founder of Kinder Modern design gallery Nominated by: Jaime Derringer, artist and founder of Design Milk Where to follow her: InstagramApartment Therapy’s Class of 2020 Design Changemakers is a specially-selected group of the 20 people in the design world everyone should know about by next year. We asked experts (and you!) to tell us who they think should be included—see the rest of the nominees here. (далее…)

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SPONSORED POST: An Atlanta Home with a Warm, Minimalist ‘Dalmatian’ Style

Name: Lauren Price and BrandonLocation: Smyrna, GA Size: 2610 square feet Years lived in: 1Lauren Price jokes that a Dalmatian would match her aesthetic perfectly, and she’s not wrong: Her penchant for black, white, and grey makes for a minimalist home where a spotted pup would fit right in. (далее…)