20 Gifts for People Who are Always Freezing Cold — 2018 Gift Guides

We all know someone who seems to run a little colder than everyone else. You can find them wearing a few extra layers, even in the warmer months. It can be a seemingly normal temperature, and you can spot them shivering under an office blanket (hey, this one might not be their fault). If they had a nickel for every time they heard the «cold hands, warm heart,» cliche, well… they could fund a cure for cold hands.

We don’t have a solution for being freezing all the damn time. But what we do know is that the winter is a particularly hard time for freezing-cold people. And often the key to a thoughtful gift is noticing the little things. So if you can’t crank up every thermostat in town, perhaps you can gift one of these 20 finds.


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