8 Things 1 Year at Apartment Therapy Taught Me About My Own Space

When you tell people you work at Apartment Therapy, they often ask if your own place looks like the tours we feature—full of plants, ingenious DIYs, and other one-of-a-kind finds. But the truth is that I face the same struggles our readers often do: limited space, time, energy, creativity, and money to devote to my own home. If only my IRL looked like my Instagram feed—but the truth was that my space was looking a bit more like a «before» than an «after.»

I started this job just about a year ago (December 4, 2017, to be exact). I feel so lucky every day to look at inspiring homes and call it work. And bit by bit, I’ve spent the last year sprucing up my apartment—starting with my living room. Here’s what this site has taught me along the way.


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