4 Smart Money-Saving Tips from Tiny House Owners

One of the biggest pulls to tiny house living is the freedom from financial burdens. But what you don’t expect is the high upfront cost from limited financing options, the small pool of remote employment opportunities, and exorbitant travel and parking costs. After living on the road in an RV with my family for a year, I’ve learned that no matter how snazzy your home is, tiny living is frugal living—and budgeting is so important. You always need a rainy day fund for when something breaks (because, oh, it will break!)

Stashing cash away on a limited—and sometimes sporadic—income is hard (something I imagine many millennials can relate to!). But over time, you discover sneaky ways to save and learn how to optimize your spending.

But these lessons aren’t only for those who live in less than 200 square feet. You can save like you live tiny—you just need to know the insider tips from those who do it IRL. Thankfully, as one of these small space dwellers, I pooled my tiny living friends for their sneaky saving tricks. Here, some of the best:


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