The Salary You’d Need to Own the «This Is Us» House

If you’re a fan of NBC’s wildly popular drama, «This Is Us,» you probably know a thing or two about the Pearson family. Have you ever wondered about the beautiful (but doomed) home the family lives in? While the house is located in Pittsburgh on the show, it’s actually filmed at a home in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles—the place where Rebecca and Jack road-tripped to early on in their relationship, ironically enough. Throughout the series, we see flashbacks of the residence decked out in its 1980s furnishings and flair. But in real life, as you can imagine, the home’s interior looks wildly contemporary compared to its televised version.

According to Redfin, the four-bedroom home is valued at $1,334,466. If you wanted to live nearby, you could get away with making less cash—the median home price in the area is not quite as steep, but still hefty, at $890,400.


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