The $13 Amazon Buy That Solves Every Renter’s Biggest Winter Problem

Winter is officially here, and in many parts of the country, people are hunkering down for a season of cold temperatures and snow. Keeping your rental warm throughout the season can be a challenge when you’re at the whim of your building’s management—and you can’t make the major efficiency improvements that would make your unit a wee bit cozier on your own. But the solution may lie in a very simple product: indoor window insulation kits.

These kits keep cold air out and warm air in via heat-shrink window film and tape. In addition to keeping you toasty and warm, you’ll be surprised by how much it can reduce your heating bill. But the best part for renters? You can find them for under $15 at most home retailers (and, of course, Amazon) and they come in a variety of window sizes.


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