A Charming Old Portland House Is Now a Natural History-Infused Tattoo Parlor — House Tour

Name: Alice Kendall
Location: Wonderland Tattoo, SE Portland, Oregon
Size: 1,300 square feet
Years lived in: 5 months, renting

Alice Kendall is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in Portland. She opened her shop Wonderland in 2013, and quickly established her ranking as a top artist in one of the nation’s most inked cities. Praise from the New York Times boosted her already successful career to the next level; clients travel from around the world for a few hours of her highly coveted time. Five years and thousands of tattoos later, Alice has amassed a team of artists and has opened a brand new Wonderland… in a vintage house next door to her first shop in Southeast Portland. She tapped artist Trish Grantham to completely rework the interior of the home, with the goal of creating a space that is luxe and feminine, and very intentionally «not the typical dude tattoo shop.» The new Wonderland has an upstairs nautical-themed apartment for the rotating artist-in-residence, Grantham’s signature hand-painted wallpaper is featured throughout the home, and Kendall’s original paintings adorn the walls.