A Little Lesson in Letting Go of Stuff — The 2019 January Cure

The January Cure is all about refreshing and organizing your home for 2019. We tackle one assignment each weekday throughout the entire month. It’s not too late to sign up, and you can visit the Cure page to catch up with the assignments so far.

Sometimes all you need to declutter is a fresh perspective.

Once your things are yours, letting go of them can feel like a loss. A loss of money or preparedness or potential. And those are very real feelings. But whenever you can loosen your hold on your stuff, you’re also gaining a lot of intangible benefits: More space—mentally and physically, as in the case of a too-tight pair of jeans that steal a part of both your dresser drawer and your self-esteem. More clarity to decide what to buy and keep in the future. More attention for the things you do own and use and care for and love.