A «Chaos Counselor» Lives in a Bright and Colorfully Renovated Home — House Tour

Name: Tinka Markham Piper, husband Andrew, son Elliott, daughter Echo, puppy Syd, and rabbit Boca.
Location: Plateau, Montreal
Size: 2,200 square feet

Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Tinka’s work and her home are intertwined. She’s the founder of Solve My Space and calls herself a «chaos counselor, part-organizer, part-designer, part-life coach.» She loves improving people’s lives by finding creative solutions for their living spaces. As the daughter of a journalist, she lived in seven countries in 14 years, and moving so often instilled a number of qualities like adventure and adaptability, but also wanting to have roots. She now lives in Montreal with her husband Andrew, her son Elliott, her daughter Echo, their puppy Syd, and rabbit Boca.