The Portable, Small Space-Friendly Amazon Find My Friends Can’t Stop Complimenting

When I moved into my current apartment a year and a half ago, I found myself becoming more drawn to rustic furniture, which goes nicely with the architectural elements in my lofted bedroom. Last winter, after flipping through house tour after house tour, I decided that I wanted to replace the classic wood and wicker bench at the end of my bed with something that would make my room feel a little more cozy and cabin-like. I’ve always loved having a bench in this spot, so forgoing one entirely was never an option in my mind. I place my laptop on it before bed, use it as seating when lacing up shoes, and just think that it makes the area look a little more finished. When I lived in a studio apartment, it was also nice to have a bench to drag out into the «living room» area for extra seating.


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