Enjoy Renting Because Homeownership Really Does Suck Up All Your Cash

You saved up that down payment—and those extra closing costs. The furniture has been bought and the rooms have been painted. You’ve sent the movers a deposit and even paid your first mortgage payment! You’re past the most stressful financial part of homeownership, right? Not so fast. A large portion of American homeowners say they’re still facing financial anxiety—even after move-in day.

According to NerdWallet’s 2019 Home Buyer Report, one out of four new American homeowners say they no longer feel financially secure after buying a home—even though their home may be the biggest single investment they have. This number’s even higher for first-time homebuyers: 34 percent of them feel less secure money-wise after the big purchase.

So what gives? Apparently there are a lot of misconceptions during the home-buying process that lead to some financial instability and anxiety as homeowners.


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