A Tiny Kitchen That Proves You Can Cook Even When You’re Short on Space

If Ursula had unlimited money and space, her dream kitchen would be incredible. «Three ovens: two gas (one with steam injection) and a wood-fired buddy out back for good measure,» she writes. But that’s just the start. She’d also throw in «a six-burner gas range and a walk-in fridge and freezer because I mean why not?» An island with a cutting board tabletop would seat six, and a breakfast nook would have wrap-around bench seating. And why have only one or two compartments in your sink when you could choose three? «Approximately one trillion cupboards (bamboo with glass doors), a walk-in pantry for dry storage, and a compost chute that would go straight into a bin out back for reuse in my garden—because I’d also have a garden,» she finishes.