The Style-on-a-Budget Guide to a Fall Wardrobe Update

(Image credit: Marlen Komar)

Thrift stores often get a bad rep, because when people think of charity shops, they envision moth-bitten sweaters and squeaky shopping cart wheels; ’80s razzle dazzle beading and broken old toasters. And to be fair, yes, a lot of that goes down in secondhand stores. But there is a lot of gold tucked in between all those shoulder padded blazers and hand-knit sweater vests. And with fall upon us, hitting those one dollar racks is a great way to update your wardrobe on a tight budget. To prove it, I’ve found 15 pieces for $100 and created 12 outfits with them. Ahead is the breakdown, but before we jump into the fun stuff, let’s go over the prep work necessary in order to come out heavy with bags. It’s not all just blind luck!


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