Don’t Ever Want to Vacuum Again? It Might Be Time for a Robot Vacuum — Amazon Deal of the Day

We’ve all been there. You’re finally home from work, to a messy apartment no less, just in time to remember your friends are on their way over to hang. Your kitchen is full of crumbs you didn’t get to sweep up last night because you fell asleep during the 8th episode of «Game of Thrones» you were re-bingeing, and your living room rug has seen better (and cleaner) days. You have no choice but to run and grab your clunky, heavy af vacuum and get to work ASAP. Or do you? Well, there’s hope to be had! Enter the robot vacuum, which does all the back-breaking work of vacuuming up all signs of life at the push of a button…no housekeeper (or panicking!) necessary.


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