Is Aldi (Yes, the Budget Grocer) The Next Decor Haven?

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

When I moved to a small town and first encountered an Aldi, I did not understand it. There was, like, one employee working? And you had to pay a quarter for a cart (you get back the quarter, but still, good to know beforehand in case you don’t normally have change on you)? After a couple more visits, however, I was in love, and Aldi is now my favorite grocery store. It’s chock-full of incredibly low-priced food, wine and beyond, and the selection changes constantly. The home goods section (if you could call it that) is pretty unmemorable, however. A hose here, a seasonal wreath there, nothing to write home about. That is, until I stumbled onto Aldi’s Australia website and saw their home goods selection. It’s so much better than ours! Like, absurdly better! See for yourself…


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