Emily Henderson’s 5 Instant Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Fall feels are what I’m all about right now—in my choice of drink (cider and pumpkin anything), dress (flannels and boots all the way) and at home (fragrant cinnamon-y candles). Call me basic, but it has been so hot for so long in New York this year, that I am absolutely ready for the weather to match the season and for my apartment to follow suit. Which got me to thinking, what really makes a house feel like fall?

It’s not as clear-cut as the other categories I mentioned above, so I literally cornered designer, blogger, Target Home Style Expert and all around tastemaker/ladyboss Emily Henderson at a holiday press preview a few days ago for a few tips on getting festive for fall at home. Since she’s lived in California a while, where there’s basically an endless summer, I figured she’d be just the person to help us all out.