Not Just for Kids: The Trundle May Be the Answer to Your Small Space Woes

Growing up, I slept on a twin-sized iron daybed with a roll-out, pop-up trundle. While I often begrudged it because my bedding options were much more limited (the amount of awful granny looking bed-in-a-bags my mom and I had to shuffle through to land on anything that felt age appropriate still haunts me), it was sleepover headquarters at my house. Having a trundle meant I had a built-in guest bed and none of my friends ever had to bring over a sleeping bag (or cram into my tiny twin with me uncomfortably). Now, as an adult, I can also see their value not just for a kid/teen’s bedroom, but as a fantastic small space solution for studios. No matter your needs, read on to see our top 10 picks for trundle beds.