Before and After: From Slapdash Kitchen to a Blue-Grey Beauty

Here’s a kitchen that makes me think, «Sure! Great! I’ve paid many dollars every month for the privilege of cooking in much worse and much, much smaller spaces!» But all is not what it seems, so click through for the total transformation and the truth about what the kitchen was like before the makeover. (далее…)

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The Things Living Alone Will Teach You About Yourself

I’m a firm believer in the idea of everyone living alone at least once in their life. In fact, I’m in the solo-living-forever-if-I-can camp. Not only can it be a fun and enjoyable experience for most folks, I think you can also learn a lot about yourself. Here are six of the most important things living alone can teach you about you. (далее…)

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas That Will Take 10 Minutes or Less

When you’re elbow deep in mashed sweet potatoes and poultry cavities, the last thing you have time to do is elaborately decorate for Thanksgiving. After all, literally the very next day, everyone is on to Christmas, so putting a ton of effort into styling your home for turkey day always seems like a bit of a loss. That said, should you still want to spruce things up a bit and set a mean seasonal table—and have about 10 minutes to do so—here are 10 ideas to try. (далее…)

Never Panic About Leaving the Oven On Again: This Smart Sensor Alerts You To Anything Wrong at Home

Ever leave the house with a nagging panic? Whether your personal nightmare is that you left the coffeepot or iron being left on or the pipes bursting when you’re not home on a below-freezing night, there’s a new smart home sensor that could be just the kind of anxiety-killing remedy that we need. (далее…)

Curious How a 310-Square-Foot Tiny House Can Sleep 8 People?

Although it would probably be a little difficult to find a spot to park one in New York City, I never get tired of looking at tiny houses. And while a lot of the designs out there are quite similar, every once in a while I see something that’s a little out of the ordinary. This tiny house has not one but two sleeping lofts, accessed by actual (albeit scary) staircases, and—my favorite part—a generously sized porch for enjoying the outdoors. (далее…)

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Rent Kelly Osbourne’s West Hollywood Condo for $19.5K a Month

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne, daughter of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne, is renting out her luxe condo in West Hollywood, California’s famed Sierra Towers building. This isn’t your mama’s Airbnb rental; Osbourne’s unit in this trendy tower means neighbors that include the likes of Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock, as well as a rent payment of $19,500 per month. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s 3,900 $5 Subway footlongs or roughly 28 iPhone Xs—a month. (далее…)

О маленьких домиках


Оказывается, он вовсе не деревянный, как может показаться на первый взгляд, а каменный — но об этом ниже.
Самое главное — этот домик очень вместительный.

Этот полностью меблированный дом находится на улице Вилмси, в таллиннском районе Кадриорг. Полная площадь — 120 кв метров, жилая площадь – 105 кв метров. Площадь участка 400 кв метров.

Стоительство было завершено в феврале 2015 года. В ходе строительства использовались высококачественные материалы: монолитный бетон для фундамента, блоки Teхo для стен.

Отопление — экономичное инфракрасное (IFR пленка в полу), на окнах комбинированные дерево-алюминиевые стеклопакеты. На полу — натуральный паркет, камин из мрамора, а на второй этаж ведет лестница из древесины березы.

На первом этаже помимо просторной гостиной с кухней, расположены сауна и хозяйственное помещение, терраса. На втором этаже — две спальни, лестничный холл, ванная комната.

У дома 2 парковочных места.

















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Genius Disguises for Textured Popcorn Ceilings

We don’t give ceilings enough credit for the effect they have on a room. Whether they draw the eye upward with bold paint, or add detailed definition with molding, ceilings help set the mood for your home. Even if you have a beautifully decorated room, a popcorn ceiling instantly casts a dated vibe over your hard work. The good news is that you have options when it comes to transforming this ugly surface into something that adds to your room, instead of distracting from it. (далее…)

Traditional vibes in mostly neutrals

Such soothing shades of neutrals in this Marin County, California home designed by Mark D. Sikes. Makes for such warm, inviting spaces that seem effortless and timeless. The star of the show in my opinion is that fantastic piece of art in the photo above. Gorgeous!!


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