Black, blue and brass

Chic and polished in a colour palette of black, navy blue and brass. This home is absolutely gorgeous, and I think I am now suffering from wallpaper envy. Another stunning project by Venice Beach designer Katherine Carter.  


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Never Use Drano, and Other Need-to-Know Tips for Handling Hairy Home Situations

You may love your long hair, but there’s one problem with those lengthy tresses—they shed and get all over the place, turning clean-up into a challenge and making your shower drain a battle zone. You could just adopt the motto «long hair, don’t care» but that won’t stop your stray strands from haunting your home, so it might be better to take some precautions and avoid those hairy home situations altogether. (далее…)

Квартира в Киеве

Общая площадь: 45 кв.м.
Дизайн: MARTINarchitects
Реализация: 2017г.

Квартира расположена в центре Киева». Заказчики планировали использовать апартаменты для сдачи в аренду, поэтому нужно было создать функциональный и универсальный интерьер, который понравится людям с разными вкусами и потребностями.

Было принято решение избегать четких границ, а деление на зоны создать с помощью индивидуальных деталей дизайна. Все необходимые для жизни пространства, — гостиная, кухня, столовая, спальня, душевая и места для хранения, — были размещены, не нарушая целостную планировку жилья. В спальной комнате, — эту зону поместили за стеклянную перегородку, можно уединиться с помощью массивных штор. Большие окна на всю высоту стены наполняют пространство естественным светом и простором.

Общая цветовая палитра квартиры построена на контрасте естественных оттенков: серого и черного, хвойного и коричневого. В интерьере использовались преимущественно натуральные материалы: деревянное напольное покрытие, деревянная мебель и кожаная обивка дивана.

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A designer’s home

I think a designer’s home tells you more about them than any client work or show home can. An intimate look into their design soul you might say. This is the home of Holly Shipman on Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida. A beach look with an elegant ease. White and bright with pieces carefully acquired over time, lots of simple little treasures close at hand. Relaxed, comfortable, stylish and with meaning.


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The 2017 Mega List of Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Memorial Day weekend—and the unofficial start of summer—is almost upon us. It is a holiday to remember the sacrifice and thank our military men and women for their service—and happens to be a time when many retailers offer serious savings, especially on outdoor items, appliances, furniture, and summer style. Many brands have started rolling out their deals this week, so here’s our master list of sales from around the internet, to be updated as the weekend approaches. (далее…)

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A Florist & Woodworker’s Nature Chic Home — House Tour

Name: Ryan and Teressa
Location: Sumner, Washington
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned

When I arrived at Teressa and Ryan’s sweet, light-filled house, it came as no surprise to see the couple does natural chic like the pros that I already knew they were. Teressa is the owner of a floral design company for both special events and everyday flower delights. Ryan is a teacher by day and quite the woodworker in his off hours. It’s easy to see both these creative influences throughout the home. (далее…)

An International Couple’s First Home Together in Brooklyn — Professional Project

Project by: Christine of Form + Field
Location: Prospect Heights — Brooklyn, New York

Christine was hired to bring harmony to a 986 square foot Brooklyn condo for a couple that had been in a relationship for a bit but were living together for the first time. Faced with the challenge of a space that was low on pre-existing architectural character and making two people with different aesthetics happy, she came up with a harmonious take on both of their styles. (далее…)

Target’s Memorial Day Sale: Our Picks for the Best Deals

We’re just a few days away from Memorial Day Weekend, a three day holiday that is first and foremost a day to reflect on the sacrifice of our servicemen and women. But it’s also become the unofficial start of summer and a time when many retailers have sales, especially on items for the home and outdoors. One of our favorites for fab budget finds—Target—has already released their deals, and we combed through the site to bring you the best of what’s on sale. (далее…)

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