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It’s easy to overlook the bathroom. Renovations are expensive, and most of us will put up with a less-than-ideal space until we have the money for a makeover. Still, the lack of a renovation budget didn’t stop Jenna. With a full-time job, two dogs, two kids, and another on the way, she’s got more than enough to handle, but she and her husband knew they wanted a better bathroom before the baby arrived. (далее…)

A converted timber mill

A mix of old and new, dark and light, modern and rustic. This converted timber mill in Sydney, Australia has everything I love in a home. And it is absolutely stunning inside and out. Kudos to architecture firm Carter Williamson for completing yet another dreamy project. 


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Stylish and Clever Recycling Solutions That’ll Up Your Cleaning Game

Trash cans and recycling bins can take up a lot of space, especially if you have to sort your recyclables into different containers. All those bins definitely add up. Whether you’ve been recycling and you’re just tired of your old system or you want to start so you can be more mindful, there are plenty of solutions that will allow you to recycle without taking up too much space in your home, or at least that won’t detract from your decor. (далее…)