The «I Like It» Theme at Work in a Melbourne Apartment — House Call

Name: Trish
Location: Preston — Melbourne, Australia
The basics: 3 weeks, owned — 50 square meters/ 538 square feet

Trish knew that with her love of color and collecting she could turn her cookie cutter apartment into a bright and eclectic home, full of endlessly fascinating pieces. (далее…)

The «Oddly IKEA» ASMR Video Is Actually Relaxing

Using YouTube videos to lull yourself to sleep is one thing, but how about a visual production that simultaneously encourages you to snooze and shop for stuff to spruce up your place? Enter IKEA’s ASMR video. At 25 minutes, «Oddly IKEA» campaign features an intentionally soft-spoken narrator who guides viewers through a college dorm room outfitted with some of the brand’s latest back-to-school products. (далее…)

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This Weekend: Must-Do Maintenance To Make Your Home Feel Fresh

Although it doesn’t take up space, this unwelcome guest still weighs your entire household down. Getting rid of it completely is almost impossible, but if you strap on your meditative mindset and get to work this weekend —for however long you’ve got — your home will truly feel, and actually be, a whole lot cleaner, without question. (далее…)

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Back to Cool: Society6 Launches Backpacks

Who else remembers the days of limited back to school backpack options? Sure, you had whatever Disney characters or pop stars that were popular that year, but other than that, your choices were most likely one of a few solid colors and a monogram if you were fancy. But now we have good news: Society6, the online purveyor of products printed with artists’ and designers’ work, has added backpacks as a new product option. (далее…)

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NYC Neighborhoods Where Recent Grads Actually Have a Shot at Renting

Anyone who’s ever lived in—or had dreams of moving to—New York City knows it to be two things: One, it’s unlike anywhere else, and two, it’s almost absurdly expensive. Making it work here is already difficult, but add super high rent prices (with basically little to no space) and it makes things even more challenging. (далее…)

A Mid-Century-Inspired Amsterdam Apartment — House Tour

Name: Tolga and Tomi
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Tolga and Tomi’s colorful apartment is a starter home dream-come-true. Located in a fun Amsterdam neighborhood that is filled with many restaurants and bars, it’s just what the couple had dreamed of; a space that they could return to and relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. (далее…)

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